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A Pop of Orange: Wonder What It Is

Had to say goodbye yesterday… one of my favorite furniture resale stores, Poor Ol’ Bob’s Gettin’ Place in Fairfield, Illinois.  After ten years, they are going out of business.  Bob and his wife Barb have such a flair for selecting pre-owned furniture and decor.   Mostly gathered from estate sales in the St. Louis area, their inventory changed every week and you never knew what “I Can’t Live Without” piece of furniture you would find next.  It definitely kept you on your toes for a good bargain and kept you coming back week after week.

While I was there picking up a piece of furniture I had purchased last year (more on this later), I had to buy one last thing for the road, so to speak.

"Coffee Table Landscape"

Do you see it?  It’s that big pop of ORANGE sitting on the table!  Whatever is it?  You can remove the top so it would be good for storage.  What about to house remotes or paint it at Halloween?  🙂  I don’t know but it was unique enough for me to say “I gotta have it.”

Regardless, it is at home at Boyd Street now and will always be a reminder to me of the good shopping days at Poor Ol’ Bob’s Gettin’ Place.

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