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Dining in the New Year: Boyd Street Bungalow

Already wishing for a new dining nook area here at Boyd Street Bungalow to allow more space (what I have now) and here is what I would like to do.  Found the table at but now need to figure out how to make the corner seating.  This will all begin in the new year.  🙂  Just tucking this away to remind me.  Stay tuned..


Designing with the Rule of Three

We all have our special collections or nicknacks sitting around our home, right?

Heaven knows, I have plenty!  Too much, in fact.  Trying to pare down now here at Boyd Street and at my other old house but that’s another blog for another day… 🙂

The question is.. how do we keep these objects from looking like a hodgepodge of what-nots or thrift store finds and instead display them in an eye appealing,  cohesive design?  Lamps Plus has given 3 good decorating tips in their blog for achieving this look.  The first is the Rule of Three as pictured below.  The concept is that items grouped in threes have more visual appeal.

"Decorating Design Tips"


The triangle in the picture above shows the group of three and how the bottom objects lead the eye to the picture.  For more tips, be sure to click on the LampsPlus link above.  I found it very helpful!


Decorating for the Dogs: Who Me?

While drinking coffee this morning…

..and reading the latest posts on my Boyd Street Bungalow Facebook page,  I happened upon a post by Lamps Plus talking about decorating for the dog days.  That title perked up my attention thinking they were sprucing up for the last days of summer.  But no… actually it is all about making your pets comfortable in your home.  Had to laugh because I share my office with my best buddies, Milo, Buffy and Abby (or they let me use the room.)

"Decorating for your Dog"

This small room off the kitchen can also be used as a spare guest room when needed.  Just take off the protective dog blanket and whoola, you have an extra bed for overnight guests.

Note to self:  Must paint paneling!

Seems Abby got kicked off the bed…

There was never a doubt I would make a special place for the dogs in my house.  Do you have a special place for your pet?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Old Bi-Fold Mirror: Trash or Treasure?

Help!  What to do with this??  You know how you see something and it is cheap and you think I can do something with that…  Well, here’s another one of those that followed us home the other day.

It really is in pretty good shape and I think the bi-fold option is neat.  The legs could be taken off and the mirror set on a table.

So… help  us out here.  Should we paint it?  Use for a dressing table or bookcase??  Trash or Treasure?

Another question in our new series…  WHAT TO DO WITH THIS?

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