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We’ve all done it.. picked up a thrift shop find because we thought it would be great to repurpose to use somewhere in the house. I mean it just has to go somewhere.. but where?? and how can I re-do it to fit in with the scheme of things. What to do with THIS!!

Old Bi-Fold Mirror: Trash or Treasure?

Help!  What to do with this??  You know how you see something and it is cheap and you think I can do something with that…  Well, here’s another one of those that followed us home the other day.

It really is in pretty good shape and I think the bi-fold option is neat.  The legs could be taken off and the mirror set on a table.

So… help  us out here.  Should we paint it?  Use for a dressing table or bookcase??  Trash or Treasure?

Another question in our new series…  WHAT TO DO WITH THIS?

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