Hello there. I am Linda, the owner of Boyd Street Bungalow and I live in a small town in Southern Illinois. What does an empty nester do after all the kids have left home and she suddenly becomes a widow after almost 24 years? Well, she learns to get it done on her own!

I am new to the blogging scene so bear with me.  I am not new to collecting.  In fact, I have a four-room house I rented years ago just for my “collection” which is chocked full of all types of vintage, including furniture, baskets, art, clothing.. you name it!  Thrifting is my middle name.   If you are looking for something, I may just have it!

So………Grab your tools and paint brushes and join me as I share one exciting (some humdrum) adventure after another in the life of a DIYer trying to make an old house a new home.

Let’s learn together!

If you would like to guest post or swap blog links, just email me!

  1. Linda,
    I want to talk to you.check Facebook

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