Dry Brush Painting for Furniture: Boyd Street Bungalow

One of my favorite antique/thrift furniture stores to go to uses the dry brush method of painting furniture on almost all of their pieces. You can make your own distressed-looking furniture with dry brush painting, an easy project you can do at home. Dry brushing is simply applying paint with a brush that has no water or other moisture on it.

Barb from Design Sponge shows how to dry brush furniture using just a paint brush, paint, sanding sponge, rags, and water-based poly. Be sure to follow her project pointers for dry brushing success such as selecting dark woods or finishes to dry brush over.

photo via designsponge.com

I am going to attempt to dry brush this old chair.  As you can see, it is tucked back with some other future furniture projects.  We will see how it goes and I will update here on the progress.

What colors do you think work best for dry brushing furniture? Let us know by leaving a comment below..

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