Boyd Street Tomatoes: Nothing better..

Was it just about a month ago …

I was wishing for the taste of a homegrown garden tomato?  Well, now I have tomatoes GALORE and am loving it. This year I only planted those nice big ones.. Big Boys and Better Boys.. where one slice will just about cover a sandwich. Nothing better than the distinctive taste of a ripe tomato, still warm from the sun, with a little salt and mayo on bread. Bacon and lettuce are nice but I like the simplicity of just the tomato.

"Homegrown Tomatoes"

The only problem is they are all getting ripe at the same time and am wondering what to do with all this homegrown produce.  The weather is too hot to do much canning.  I really need some easy solutions to save these rare treats.

Help me out here.. What is your favorite ways to use an abundance of tomatoes?

Happy Thursday…

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  1. Bruschetta never lasts long at our house, especially if you get (or make) some really good multigrain bread! You could freeze them for later cooking, or dehydrate them. Last year I made some tomato puree, mixed with a bit of olive oil and dried in the oven, then froze it. Sort of like fruit leather. Great in spaghetti sauces.

  2. My mom and I always make salsa with extra tomatoes. We use the Mrs. Wage’s seasoning mix and end up with more jars than we have room for. However it never lasts long. I really like your blog by the way.

  3. I think I remember reading where if you just wash them off and pop them in a bag you can freeze them whole.

  4. All good ideas! I love Bruschetta! Think I will try to freeze some whole, too. That would be the easiest and coolest thing to do during this hot summer. Hey Allison and thank you. Do you cold pack that salsa or do you use the hot water method? I need a step by step recipe.. 🙂

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