Easy Decor Ideas on a Budget: BHG

Here are some easy budget minded design ideas that we like from the Better Homes and Gardens site..  You can click on the link for all of their ideas but these are the ones that inspired us.

  1. Love the white chaise. It would look perfect in our beachy sun room for a cozy place to read, use the laptop or watch tv.
  2. A coffee table can really add pizazz to a room with flowers, books, and neat storage boxes to house remotes, etc.
  3. The shabby chic shadow box frame houses family memories which can be switched out occasionally as the family grows.
  4. A vintage bread box or canister can provide a decorative touch but also provide needed storage.
  5. How cute are these decorative jars in the laundry room holding detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, and other wash day needs.
  6. Finally, pillows in natural soft palette colors accent a porch retreat.

Thanks, BHG, for some budget savvy inspiration to put to use at this old house.  These are our Picks of the Week for week of July 3, 2011!


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